Derbi GPR 50

Engine Mods

by Team Calamari Racing

 The Derbi GPR 50 as delivered from the factory is a slug. 1st step, remove restrictor in pipe. Now we have a bike! The only limit on engine mods on the GPR50 is your wallet! With very little modification, this bike rips. With a lot of modification, (translation=$$$) it's un-beatable. Team Calamari does it all, from mild to wild. Your wish is our command! If you want to ride a winner, this is it.


Check this out....slicks, no lower, Calamari Pipe, all else stock. Top speed???? 70mph at Laguna Seca Test!


Perfect fit, great ground clearance, great power!

  Replace the small stock 14mm carb with a 24mm flat slide Mikuni
Carb fits easily with K&N air filter  

Stock radiator is quite good. We add a digital water temp guage (ideal temp is 65 degrees celsius)


Derbi GPR Specs

Mod Engine

GPR Frame


NS50 Misc