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by Jonathan Teraji
Derbi GPR 50 Front Wheel Fix

The inner hub spacer on the front wheel is too long and when the axle is tightened causes the bearings to bind. The spacer then acts like a bearing rather than a spacer and causes abnormal wear on the axle. Not to mention that you waste h.p. overcoming the high friction.
Remove Front Wheel and test by turning the inner race of the wheel bearing. If it doesn't move freely, i.e. is hard to turn, then you need to remove bearings and make spacer correct size.



Disc Rotor, bearings, and spacer removed


Close up of hub

Hub Spacer-- remove 0.5mm 


(Spacer rotates on Axle and causes wear!)


Install Bearing in speedo drive side, then spacer, then rotor side bearing. Be sure to use blue loctite on rotor screws.

now your front wheel on your Derbi GPR should spin freely!

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