Tech Tips!

by Jonathan Teraji

 Derbi Clutch



Drain the coolant by disconecting hose from radiator to pump. Drain crankcase oil.


Remove plastic cover for the oil pump, (if you are still using pump), remove right side engine cover and clutch cable.


Remove 5 screws that hold pressure plate on


Remove plates


Install new plates, make sure mark on friction plate faces out. There is a direction of rotation. When the mark faces out, it is correct.


Put new springs on and replace the screws. Make sure the Derbi Logo on pressure plate matches slash mark on boss.


Replace side cover. Make sure the shims are on the shafts as shown. If they are not, look on the case, or look on the foor where they probably fell when you removed the case.


We suggest the use of the Metrakit clutch which results in a stronger, longer lasting clutch.

Getting the side cover on is tricky. Take your time! Don't worry about orientation of clutch lever on actuator shaft, that can be changed later. Make sure oil pump, water pump and clutch gears are engaged. DO NOT force cover on. When they are all engaged, it will sip on!  Re-orient clutch actuator lever to proper position. Fill crankcase. (Not easy to do due to Derbi's filler plug being located under carb! What were they thinking? Fill coolant, be sure to "burp" it. Go Ride, Have fun!


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