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by Jonathan Teraji

 Derbi Shift Shaft Fix

O.K. kids, here's the deal! On some Derbi Engines you wake up one morning and go to ride your bike and only have 3 gears instead of six! This does not happen often, we have only heard of 3 cases, but 3 is too many! If you are a street rider this means you go real slow until you fix it. If you are racing it means YOU LOSE! Either way, it is not a happening thing! So let's fix it, it's easy!


This is the Shift Shaft. It is under the right side cover. To see how to remove the cover refer to the tech tips for clutch replacement. (This is also a good time to replace the clutch)


This is a BIG pix of the shift shaft. Notice where the bend is. If yours looks like this at the bend......... will soon look like this! In other words, broken! The result is only three gears. We have new shift shafts that we have reinforced. Replace it! This is not a hard or complicated job, it just pulls out and you just push the other one in. Go for it, before you too have a 3 speed!


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