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Team Calamari Racing
97 San Benancio Cyn Rd
Salinas CA 93908

M-F 9-5pm Pacific


Team Calamari Ships World Wide Daily
Shipped same day when ordered by 1pm Pacific

 Visa - Mastercard

C.O.D. = Money order ONLY - No Personal Checks

  All products are Legal Only for Racing Vehicles
and are not intended for use on pollution controlled street vehicles

To most people this is just a pile of parts......
To Team Calamari it is a screaming machine!

We build Engines:

5 days a week.....

52 weeks a year

We build them fast
We build them faster
We build them fastest
We build them reliable

We Build Fast Reliable Engines

We rebuild crankshafts
We balance crankshafts
We weld and true crankshafts

We build your crankshaft to majorly spin up!

High RPM = Horsepower

We Build Fast Reliable Engines

Let's start with the heart of the engine
crank shaft

We build winning YSRs



We build winning YSRs

Cylinder Boring and Porting

Team Calamari has bored over
8,900 (yes eight thousand) nine hundred Cylinders
Because we do it right!
Quality of workmanship
24 hour turn around time

Team Calamari has ported over 3,800 Cylinders
High Performance Results
Quality of Workmanship
72 hour turn around time

We Build Fast Reliable Engines

Our technicians have over 120 years combined experience

We have been building fast engines since 1978

Quick turn around times?.....yes!

We Build Fast Engines......How about we build yours?

We build winning YSRs


We build winning YSRs



It is difficult to estimate the cost for a rebuild without having looked at the engine! Our labor is:

YSR, Zuma tear down and re-assemble
= $155

Derbi, NSR tear down and re-assemble = $175

Water cooled tear down and re-assemble = $175(50cc-125cc)

Other engines please call


$55 (50cc - 125cc)

$65 (126cc - 250cc)

$85 (251cc - 500cc)

YSR porting = $155

Derbi, NSR, Metrakit, Zuma, = $175

Other Porting:

125CC-249CC = $175

250CC-500CC = $185

Those are the labor charges. As far as parts are concerned it is totally dependant on what is needed. We only replace as necessary, or if the customer requests.

When we receive an engine, we dis-assemble
(usually same day as received) then call the customer with a complete and exact estimate of repair. Any other work that the customer desires, i.e., carb kit, porting, etc., is added as appropriate.

Turn around time for a compete engine rebuild is about 3-5 days. We generally have all parts in stock.

Our techs have a combined experience of over 100 years in the m.c. industry and treat each engine
as if it were their own.

We are very proud of our work, and maintain the highest of standards.

As far as shipping is concerned, please drain the oil, then crunch up a bunch of newspapers and place around the engine in a cardboard box. Use lots of newspaper and pad well.

Ship via UPS or U. S. Postal Service. UPS is around $55 coast to coast.

address to:
Team Calamari Racing, 97 San Benancio Rd., Salinas CA 93908

please include your name, address and a telephone number.
thanks.....the squids


Team Calamari has most of the common original manufacturer parts in stock for:


If it has to be ordered-we get it quick!

Products Index Index
Products 1 Top Clamp, Front Fork Revalving, Spring Kit, Clip Ons, Wheel Spacer, Brake Stay Arm, Billet Alum Master Cylinder Cap
Products 2 Exhaust, Exhaust stubs, Rear Shock, Temperature Guage, Carbon Fiber Dash
Products 3 Tires, Wheel Bearings, Brakes, Steel Braided Brake Line Kit, Billet Master Cylinder Cap
Products 4 Swingarm Bushings, Swing Arm Brace, Tapered Timpkin Steering Bearings
Products 5 Carburetors, Air Cleaners, Jet Kits, Airbox Mods, 1/4 turn Throttle, Carb Cables, Reeds, Reed Stops, Oil Block Off Plate, Gas Cap Cover, Gas Cap Screws, Fuel Petcock
Products 6 Hot Wire, Clutch, Rod Kit, Main Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Bolt Kit, Cable luber, Battery, Headlight Repair
Products 7 Body Work - Stock Replica & Body Work Harware
Products 8 Flush Mount Turn Signals, Turn Signal Flasher
Products 9 Body Work - Dual Headlight - GSXR Seat
Products 10 Body work bolt kit, Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
Products 11 Body Work - Stock Replica- Windscreens, Windscreen Bolts
Products 12 Swingarm Bike Stand, T-Shirts, Hats, Service Manuals
Products 13 Honda NSR50 and NS50F
Products 14 Derbi Parts
Products 15 Tools
Products 16 ZUMA
Products 17 Engine Work

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