Caution! The Web Pages containing street bikes are almost all pictures. Therefore they can take forever to load. We have kept them as small as possible while still being able to be useful. So......if you want to go looking have patience!


Lets start with this little display of Team Calamari's Street YSRs on display at Laguna Seca in the Yamaha Tent at the last U.S. Grand Prix 


 Yes! We really do go on massive street rides. This is Rose and Susan on Hiway 1 on the California coast just south of Big Sur. The ride this day started at the TCR headquarters in Salinas, into Monterey, down Hiway 1 to Lucia, back up hiway 1 to Carmel Valley Road, over Los Laureles Grade to TCR home base! Total Mileage approximately 125 miles. No breakdowns, no crashes, however several white knuckle situations.

 TCR's Favorite Street Race.....uh....I mean ride, takes place annually in Suches Georgia. Yes, we drive 6000mi (round trip) to ride 75 miles in the hills of Georgia. And it is well worth it.

Rose in Suches before the ride. (Notice the bag in her right hand, she actually found somewhere to shop in Suches. We don't know where, as there is nothing there!)


Waiting for the start!

Motoring along! 


75 miles of twisty turnies later.....

Susan's Street Bike

Waiting for the start of the 75 mile Ride


 (Send us a good quality color photo of your YSR and we'll go our best to publish it on the net! If you need the pix back please enclose a S.A.S.E.!)

 Now let's go on to our customer's bikes....the following pages contain some fabulous mini road racers!

Have fun!


Street Bikes 1!

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