Garrett's street ride, TCR pipe, 24mm carb, 60cc's, his next YSR will have an RZ350 engine!

 marcos rocha

Marcos Rocha's ride, Watsonville CA

 Joshua IbraoJoshua Ibrao

Joshua Ibrao's street ride and awesome burn out!

 Tony Freitag

Tony Freitag's very nice ride

  Anonymous Iowa racer with inflatable friend....

Paul Gardlen

OK, we'll give you a hint; his initials are Paul Gardlen


 Speaking of Iowa, Tom Barr's bike in Iowa City

TomBarr TomBarr

Must be something about Wheelies in Iowa?

aaron aaron

Phillip Chapman in South Carolina..Beautiful!


 Aaron in Merced CA....nice work!


Lee Pomadoro in Michigan and his stable!

Green bike is a YSR with a YZ125 engine

Red bike is YSR with a YZ80 engine

And his CBR600F3



Sarah in England and YSR80


Dave Barba in Buena Park CA


Ken Gennett Milford CT


Steve Gosser at speed...Steve Gosser in Indiana


Randy Smalley...Nice Replica!


12 year old Jordan in Albuquerque New Mexico


Aris Gonzales in Chicago


'88 Honda NSR50 replica of Team Honda Repsol YPF NSR500 GP bike, Larry does nice work!






Back home Indiana!
The Okleshen Family Project!


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