Canadian French Connection

Bon Job Gervais!






 Team Galbraith!


Alan Galbraith set TWO land speed records at
Bonneville this September with a YSR Sidecar rig.
Engine by Team Calamari Racing

 Johns "Little Ducati" Beautiful!


 Joel Romero from San Jose CA

1st Place San Francisco Car Show


 Scott McKay brought this one "Back from the dead"!

Scott McKay

 Sally Woo's way clean Stocker!

Sally Woo

 Stacy Pawelek, age 7, Alice Texas!

Stacy PawelekStacy Pawelek

Couple of months later voila! Just like Dad's!


Martin's "Yamahardley"

Robert's Yerbi!


 This is what it looks like naked!

2003 Derbi YSR Frame



Stoutenburg's Stable!
 The ususal....very nice

Whoa! what's this?



A work in progress......

 Chris Klimakhen's Ride


 Michael Doering Hatfield PA

Michael Doering

 Mike's Aprillia


 Melvin Tan

Melvin Tan

 Ryan's Well done YERBI!



Ryan is one of TCR's "local guys" and it is really nice to see a YSR done so well.....thanks


Street Bikes 1!

Street Bikes 2!

Street Bikes 3!

Street Bikes 4!

Street Bikes 5!

Street Bikes 6!

Street Bikes 7!

Street Bikes 8!

Street Bikes 9!

Street Bikes 10!

Street Bikes 11!

Street Bikes 12!

Street Bikes 13!