If you are riding around Phoenix AZ look out for this beautiful YSR! Nice Job.




Brett, Parts/Service Mgr at Roseville Yamaha, has created a very nice Raiders Bike!

A very nice example of "COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE"!







Andres in Delaware..Nice Job!  

 R6 Replica YSR....Daniel in Canada-Beautiful job!






Barry Sanel's 50cc road racer was developed exclusively for "classic" racing in the USCRA. Frame is a one off built based on GP plans from the 60's. Engine is Yamaha based. Nice job Barry!


Richard Riedling II

Best John Deere Ever!


Adam in Mississauga Canada


Trevor's Yerbi, Canada


Louie in Fresno CA.....SWEET!!!!!


Ben's Bike in the UK!

Lars Gade's (Denmark) YSR80



 Y'all remember Kyle Harris from a few pages ago??? Well he's gone and made himself a fine looking YERBI! This is one wicked fast 50cc bike!

 Hao Pham up in Washington state has quite a nice collection! Great Job!




   Ed Dunn's "short" Derbi SuperMotard

 Scott Hall

 Harley Replica

Maurice in Brazil! Original Owner!


Rickey Eads (no, that is not Rickey, it is his daugther Kaitlyn,)........ Anyway, Rickey has put a Honda XR100 into his race bike. Nice job Rickey!




O.K., i'ts not a street bike, but Kyle Keller in Ohio puts together a really clean stock race bike! Nice Job!

 And now....something totally different!

Rick Le Blanc of Westland, MI has gone and built a YSR Police Bike! This bike is being featured in the Jan 2004 issue of Speed, Style, & Sound Magazine.


Another of Mr. Le Blanc's creations

Bryan in Tenneessee does nice work!




Eric from Strongsville Ohio




David Au's YSR Blaster


Chris Coufal's YSR Blaster in progress.....


Michael in Seattle Ysr


All the way from Montreal


Jason Stowe rippin'


Rick in Myrtle Beach...3 sweet rides! 

Javier Cantres in Key West has made a thing of beauty! YSR6 Replica!

Detail of rear section. Lots of Chrome, lot's of polishing. Great Paint!

Great job Javier.....


....down to the license plate!



Chris Payne's R6 Replica

Nick Lee, down in the Lone Star State,

has made a way nice looking race bike!


Colin Edwards, Nick Lee, Kevin Schwantz

Rossana's Wahinne Flip Flop 

Down the Beach! 






Dave Rittner's Beautiful Replica


 Steve Wolfe in New York has been

way busy building a really beautiful

dual headlight YSR....

The paint job, and overall craftmaship is beautiful!


Nice job Steve!







Clint Groover's "Cow Bike"


 Lee Stromberg's K.R. Replica



Nice Touch!


Jesse Howard

Randall Ladwig's Twins


Paul Horton's stocker


Ken Shannon....Beautiful Job!


Mrs. Ken Shannon....way nice!


Andy Kalz's R1 and R1JR

Andy on the Race Track




Beautiful replica.. by Lenny Fiji in Orlando Florida




 Dennis Caswell's YSR50 along with a mini-moto! Makes the YSR look BIG!



A drag bike in progress

Dan Goheens YSR 80




Killer Burnout


Nice going Dan!

Bob Joslin's YSR



Nice Honda


Whoops! Too Many Wheels...but nice!!



Out there in Kansas City Pete's Girl friend on her ZX6R

and her 9 year old daughter on the matching YSR!

 John W's Florida Stable...

 ......or at least part of it!



Honda Dream


Honda NS50F

 Okinawa Calling!

Yes...that Okinawa...clear out there in the Pacific Ocean!
 Duane's Island YSR



Mr. DeGrood's awesome Daffy Duck YSR 



 Oh yeah, he's working on three more!


Street Bikes 1!

Street Bikes 2!

Street Bikes 3!

Street Bikes 4!

Street Bikes 5!

Street Bikes 6!

Street Bikes 7!

Street Bikes 8!

Street Bikes 9!

Street Bikes 10!

Street Bikes 11!

Street Bikes 12!

Street Bikes 13!