Hawaii Calls! 

The Hawaiian Islands have a very dedicated group of YSR Street riders.


Terry Corpus' Marlboro Replica

 Terry joined us at the Pacific Coast YSR's 1995 Can-Am Challenge. This was his first road race ever, and we had him dragging knee with the best of them!

He finished 3rd in the Novice race for first time riders.

He was riding a stock YSR and gaining on the 2 superbikes ahead of him. We sent him back to Hawaii with a trophy, great memories, and a broken rib!


Glen Fontillas YSR

Glen spends most of his time on Oahu and is quite an accomplished air brush artists. Around Christmas time you can ususally find him on Maui "air brushing" for the tourists!

 This is the group on Oahu!


 Ivan Gabriel (holding Casey), Terry Corpus, Glen Fontillas

These guys picked up lots of trophies at this car show!

On the left, Ivan Gabriels YZR80 Race Bike, Center Terry Corpus' YZR80 Street Bike, Right Glen Fontillas' 50cc Street Bike, in the back Ivan's 50cc Street bike


Street Bikes 1!

Street Bikes 2!

Street Bikes 3!

Street Bikes 4!

Street Bikes 5!

Street Bikes 6!

Street Bikes 7!

Street Bikes 8!

Street Bikes 9!

Street Bikes 10!

Street Bikes 11!

Street Bikes 12!

Street Bikes 13!