North to Alaska!


Roger and Wendy Neuy's YSR


The Neuy's are stationed at Eielson AFB and have certainly put their winter leisure time to good use! Nearly as we can ascertain, there are approximately 75 YSRs in Alaska. This is one of the prettiest!


Abe Lincoln came from Illinois. Who cares? These exotic YSRs come from Illinois, now we care!


Killer Drag Bike of Brian Rogde


Your eyes do not deceive you, this is an RZ350 in a YSR frame. Need we say More?



Sam Flores Jr. of Chicago replica RZ50. Perfection!


Joe Huminsky of Joliet YSR125!

Joe is an over acheiver so.....

Joe Huminsky's YZilla Drag Bike!


Suzuki Quadzilla (RM500) in YSR Frame,

R7 Bodywork


TCR has know Joe Huminsky for years,
The quality of his work is unsurpassed, with a little help from his friends. Yes, he does ride this!


Beautifully Modified Front Wheel


Detail of Modified Box Alum Swingarm and Rear Wheel


Glen Goldman's Vance and Hines Replica.

The folks in Pennsylvania speak fluent YSR!


Sam Claiborn's Jamie James Replica...Nice Job!


Not too far from Illinois you will find Beaver Dam Wisconsin. The folks up in Beaver Dam are into a little different form of street YSRing! Pictured is Mark Johnson doing a nice Stoppie. Kids....don't try this at home!


O.K., a 4 stroke! The Harasewicz family likes the plonkers!



A Yamahonda, 1990 YSR with a CB100 Honda Engine. Never fear, there are also two YSR's of the 2 stroke variety in this family!


Wisconsin gives us a Smokin' Joes Replica that has won many shows! Good job Mat!


YSRs in Sweden!


Mr. D. Martin Knows Painting!


Street Bikes 1!

Street Bikes 2!

Street Bikes 3!

Street Bikes 4!

Street Bikes 5!

Street Bikes 6!

Street Bikes 7!

Street Bikes 8!

Street Bikes 9!

Street Bikes 10!

Street Bikes 11!

Street Bikes 12!

Street Bikes 13!