Team Calamari Racing, a division of Suscat Inc., began in 1985 as a high performance two-stroke business. (RD's, RZ's, TZ's, H1's, H4's etc.) We have been in the motorcyle industry since 1978 owning both a Yamaha and Suzuki dealership.

In 1986, with the coming of Yamaha's YSR50 to the U.S., we decided to concentrate on the Yamaha YSR50 mini road racer. We purchased 400 of them (along with several Canadian YSR80's) and began experimenting, testing, R&D work etc. Since then we have expanded into manufacturing, distributing, and retailing of quality high performance parts and accessories for the YSR50 and other mini road racers.

We ship world wide....daily!
In 1992 we sold both dealerships to better concentrate on Mini Road Racers. In 2003 we added the Derbi GPR and Supermotard to the list of bikes that we are developing, and in 2003 we added the ZUMA scooter.

We have complete machine shop facilities, and build engines for both racing and street use. This includes the YSR50, Derbi GPR, Derbi Supermotard, YSR80, YZ80, RM80, TZ125, and Honda's NS50F, NSR50, NS50R, and Zuma Scooters.

We also carry Genuine Yamaha, Derbi, Suzuki, and Honda parts plus a large selection of used YSR parts.

Team Calamari periodically tours the U.S. and Canada to go racing , (best way to see if what we are building is thehot set up!), and we have been privledged to have won every major mini road racing championship in the U.S. and Canada. These tours are also a great way to meet our customers.

Team Calamari appreciates your continued support. We strive to maintain
High quality workmanship and Low prices. Team Calamari


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