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by Jonathan Teraji


24 MM Flat Slide Carb

The following pictures and text should take some of the mystery out of the 24mm flat slide carb.

There are also cleaning and set up tips.

24mm flat slide carb from Mikuni

The Air mixture screw is shown with an arrow, and is set at 2 turns out.

Use small flat blade screw driver, run gently all the way in and back out 2 turns and leave.

Two of the 3 vent tubes are shown, and these should vent to atmosphere. They do not attatch to anything.


This is the other side of the carb showing the idle screw, the fuel input nipple and the 3rd vent hose.

Adjust idle to your preference

Turn Right = increase

Turn Left = decrease


Close up showing the location of the choke, and the location of the carb ID numbers.

The choke is a pull up for on, and push down for off.

The carb ID numbers are important so you can identify the carb as a genuine, (not a chinese Knock off sold on E-bay), Mikuni Carb designed for Mini Road Racers.


Bottom of Carb with the float bowl removed.

Shows location of main jet and the pilot jet. the main jet should be removed with a 6mm wrench, and the pilot jet with a small flat blade screw driver.

Remember, these jets are brass and are easily destroyed.


Main Jet has been removed and the needle is visible along with the pilot jet.

When cleaning carb the pilot jet should be removed and "reamed out" with a fine wire. Carb cleaner will not remove the crud in the pilot jet!

When removing the needle receiver, (after removing main jet and washer) gently push up from the bottom. The needle receiver comes out the top of the Carb. Use a blunt instrument for pushing, like a popsicle stick, so that you do not harm the needle receiver.


Needle Receiver and main jet. The main jet screws into the bottom of needle receiver with the washer underneath it.  

This is the needle receiver and the 3 bleed holes that get plugged up after bike sits for a long time.

There are more bleed holes on the other side. These holes need to be cleaned by "reaming out" with a fine wire.

Carb cleaner does not do the job.



When removing the cap this is what you will find.

Two items of importance....

The needle, (clip is set on third slot down from the top) and the keeper.


Looking down into the top of the slide you will see two phillips screws. If you remove these, do it carefully as they are easily stripped. The needle is pre-set on the 3rd from top position, and should not have to be changed unless under extreme conditions.


This is the plastic keeper that goes over the piece held by the two phillips screws. It has a tit that goes into the slot, and the tit should be in the slot facing up. 


So that's the basic deal. If you suspect carb problems, take it apart and clean it.

Try not to change the float level. The quality of the Mikuni Carbs that we sell is such that the float level is always right.

If you clean and reassemble the carb properly, and the carb is set up as suggested on the right, and the bike is still not operating properly, it is probably not the carb!

Clip......................................3rd from top

Idle.................................your preference

Air Mix....................................2 turns out is

Main Jet........................170, 175, or 180

Pilot is 

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