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by Jonathan Teraji

How to Change Fork Seals

on Your YSR

Set bike on a milk crate or jack in order to get front end off the floor. Make sure it is stable! Remove front wheel and then remove forks.

Start by getting a 17mm wrench and removing the fork cap.

Then Remove the fork spring, and spacer in the right fork, and drain out oil.

 Then remove the fork wiper

 Now you can see the circlip that is holding the fork inner captive in the fork outer.

 Circlip pliers are a must! Remove circlip. Be patient, as this can be tricky.

Now the circlip and washer will come out along with the washer.

Clamp the bottom of the fork leg securely in a vise, and push in the fork tube and yank it back. Do this a couple of times and the whole fork inner will come out!

This is a close up of the fork inner with the seal.

Clean the fork inner and outer, now you are ready to put the new seal on the fork tube. Please note that the part of the seal that has the spring in it faces down.

 Now you are ready to put the fork tube back in the outer tube.

Slide the washer down on top of the seal.

Now comes the problem of how to get the seal seated all the way down in the tube. Your local hardware store has pvc that will be the correct size to make a "seal driver." What you do is drive down, until it seats.


Make sure you get the seal, with the washer on top of it, far enough down into the tube that the groove for the circlip is exposed. Look at the pix carefully, and you can see the groove for the circlip. Then install the circlip.

Once you make sure the circlip is properly installed, you are ready to put the fork wiper back on. Re-install forks on the bike, put in the oil, springs, and or spacer, put on the fork caps, wheel etc, and off you go! 

If you are using Team Calamari's Fork spring kit:

Left fork 125cc Right fork 110cc

Use either 10wt or 15wt fork oil


If you are not comfortable changing the fork seals we will do it for 1/2 hour labor plus the fork seals ($10.95 a pair) Turn around time is 24 hours from when we receive your forks. (If you need new fork wipers that is additional parts cost)

That's it for now. Shoot me some E-mail if you have specific YSR questions and I'll do my best to answer them as time allows, and/or suggestions for topics in "Tech Tips!" Remember this page is for you!
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