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by Jonathan Teraji

Gasoline Alert!

Our Government's newly mandated super oxygenated pump gas, (which they laughingly refer to as "Reformulated Gasoline",) is reeking havoc on our YSRs. Loss of power, inablilty to "read" spark plugs, rust forming in cylinder, poor mileage etc., are but some of the symptoms.
What is RFG? It is the latest generation of fuels reformulated to reduce pollutants and protect the environment. The main focus of RFG is to reduce pollutants that affect the ozone. RFGcontains Oxygenates used to lower CO emissions. The following illustrates the major ingredients of RFG that are reformulated and the environmental benefits of reformulation: 

Focus of Fuel Reformulating
Reduce Sulfur Reduces Acid Rain, improves catalyst efficiency
Reduce Benzine Reduces toxicity of emissions
Reduce Aromatics & Olefins Reduces photochemical reactivity, i.e., smog
Reduce fuel volatility Reduces evaporative emissions, i.e., smog
Increase oxygen contents Reduces CO emissions, replaces toxic components
Alter distillation characteristics Control of evaporative & exhaust emissions
Deposit control additives Reduce engine deposits, i.e., emissions

Isn't this Special!

We squids would never advocate that you folks riding on the streets of the good old US of A use any other type of gas than that provided in the pumps by our government. After all, we know the YSRs are major polluters! However, you folks racing can sure use some other type of gas, such as race gas. Performance will improve, jetting problems will go away, no rust will muck up the crank, cylinder, main bearings etc, life will be good! You will go fast and bring home many trophies! So contact your nearest VP, Trick, or other race gas distributor and put the power back!

Bottom Line......find some 100 octane race gas and use it!

That's it for this month, shoot me some E-mail if you have specific YSR questions and I'll do my best to answer them as time allows, and/or suggestions for topics in "Tech Tips!" Remember this page is for you!

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