Tech Tips!

by Jonathan Teraji

 YSR Kick Start



We get a lot of telephone calls and e-mails about "how do I put in the Kick starter?" we go!

The pix on the left shows it installed.

It is a lot easier installing this with the entire clutch removed. It can be installed with the clutch in, but is a hassle if you are not used to doing it. If you remove the clutch, be sure and note the position of the 3 washers invovled.

The pix on the right shows the kick start assembly with the two tabs labeled #1 and #2


The picture below shows the position of the the tabs when installed.

The pix above shows the finished installation. Just grab the hooked spring with some long nose pliers and pull it aroung until you can hook it on to the post. The arrow labeled #3 is the kick start idle gear. After installation with the kick start assembly at rest, it should be able to move freely. 


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