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by Jonathan Teraji

Pre-Mix Oil

 If you have removed the oil injector, the next question becomes what pre-mix oil and how do I mix it?

TCR recommends YAMALUBE 2R semi-synthetic race pre-mix oil. It is available at any Yamaha dealer. It is inexpensive and has been the standard in the motorcyle industry for years. There are many reasons we use this, the least of which is it flat works!

Mix Ratio 32:1 or 4 ounces Yam2R= 1 gallon of gas

A note about gas, using more than 100 octane gas is not a good thing. the YSR is a low compression engine and cannot effectively burn higher octane. You will have jetting problems and not go as fast! Remember, MAX 100 Octane!

That's it for now. Shoot me some E-mail if you have specific YSR questions and I'll do my best to answer them as time allows, and/or suggestions for topics in "Tech Tips!" Remember this page is for you!

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