Tech Tips!

by Jonathan Teraji

YSR Race Wiring Set Up

This is all that is needed for bike to run


Magneto, (Located under the Left Engine Cover)


Ignition Coil, (Located on Left Upper Frame)


CDI Unit, (Located Under the Seat on Inner Fender)


Kill Switch, ("Stop/Run Switch on Right Handle Bar)


Spark Plug, (Located on Cylinder Head)

(If you have recently powdercoated or painted your frame make sure any ground points, for instance where the coil bolts to the frame, have all paint removed and you are grounding to bare metal. 



Remove stock wiring harness. Move CDI from stock location to area directly below gas tank on frame where the regulator/rectifier was located. Connect wires as shown. Pay careful attention to ground wire located under the screw holding the coil. Remove any rust or paint on frame in order to make a good ground. You can use the stock "Run/Stop" switch, or an aftermaket "Kill" switch. The switch should be normally open. Make good mechanical and electrical connections. Check for spark when done, and check for proper kill switch operation, i.e., "spark/no spark" before starting engine.

Trouble Shooting
Kill Switch: on=inf. resisitance, off=0 resisitance
Spark Plug Cap: 4k-6k ohms
Ignition Coil: Primary (organge to coil base)=0.7-1.1 ohms
Ignition Coil: Secondary (Plug wire, no cap on, to coil base)=5.7k-8.5k ohms
Pulsar Coil: White/Red to Black=16-24 ohms
Charge Coil: Black/Red to Black= 264-396 ohms
Wiring: Check all connections, then re-check!
Spark Plug Replace
CDI No Static Check Possible

Suggestion from the Squid Factory: If you are not comfortable with wiring, take to a qualified technician.


Be very careful when checking for spark that there is no gasoline in the area,
or a gas water heater if working your garage!
(This may sound stupid,
but we could give you a long list of names of people who have set their bikes on fire,
not to mention the house.)

That's it for this month, shoot me some E-mail if you have specific YSR questions and I'll do my best to answer them as time allows, and/or suggestions for topics in "Tech Tips!" Remember this page is for you!


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